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"Wigan Education Business Partnership invested in Smart Darts 4 Kids as part of an Enterprise in Schools Project aimed to develop Personal Capabilities to assist Y5 pupils and which ultimately prepares them for the world of work. Although Personal Capabilities are crucial in developing young people for the future, numeracy and literacy skills are equally important. We chose Smart Darts 4 Kids so that teachers could engage their pupils in fun, challenging and engaging maths investigation.

This week we hosted a teacher inset day to introduce teachers to the resource; all were engaged and valued the benefits of using the game with their pupils. Teachers were excited by the one game each of them had to play with, and were ecstatic when they found out they had enough to take back to school. Having spoken to teachers since, there isn’t one whole didn’t use the game as soon as they got back to school. Many have become the envy of the rest of the school with other teachers enquiring about the games and wanting to borrow them!

I would not hesitate in recommending Smart Darts 4 Kids".

Lisa McDonagh, Project Manager, Enterprise in Schools.


"Smart Darts 4 Kids will provide a more practical and engaging resource to motivate and increase self esteem and ability".

Claire Boffey, Abram Bryn Gates Primary School


“Smart Darts 4 Kids is very simple to use but great for developing confident recall of times tables.”
Jane Cavanagh, St Andrew’s CE Primary

"Smart Darts 4 Kids makes mental calculation more enjoyable. Unexpected, fun and thought provoking!"

Max Atkins, St Peter’s Juniors Leigh


"I was surprised in practical terms of the durability, range of application and ease of use of the product."

Raj Chauhan, Beech Hill Community Primary


“The Smart Dart boards have been used in my Year 4 class during the Summer term. The activities on them have formed the basis of Mental starters in accordance with the National Numeracy Strategies recommended three part lesson. Pupils have been able to use the various activities without support from adults. It has encouraged them to adopt a more independent approach to their learning and allows the teacher to assess their ability by observing the strategies they use to multiply and divide.

Children learn in a variety of different ways. The Smart boards appeal to Visual and Kinaesthetic learners. In particular it has proved successful in engaging some members of the class who lack confidence with Numeracy as they view it purely as a game. It does not take long to set up a Smart dart Activity. Therefore, children can use at different points of the day such as when they finish work early or during registration. Pupils will often ask if they can use the Smart boards.

I believe that the Smart boards are an excellent resource to use in the Classroom and I will be encouraging other Year groups to try them”.

Simon Thompson, St Paul’s Primary School, Whitechapel, London


"I don't usually get involved with our Lisa's homeword, my wife does that, but when she brought Smart Darts home Lissa and I couldn't stop playing. She thrashed me at first becuase i've never been good at my 7, 8 and 9 times tables but not i'm learning fast!"

Joe Jackson, Parent, St. Kentergern's RC Primary School, Manchester


"During my visit to Tithe Barn Primary School in the UK, I experienced a whole calss of children playing Smart Darts in pairs. It was unbelievable how excited they were and how they focused on trying to win the game. Their mental calculations were so quick, they were having so mch fun and learning at the same time. I knoe our learnings will have a fantastic time when we get the boards."

Fannie Sebolela, Principal, Khensani Primary School, Soshanguve, Nr. Pretoria, SA


"Smart Darts is a great resource. It is a motivational and fun activity, for children at all ability levels.

Teachers are reporting good progress in learning times tables.

It is an effective activity for a teaching assistant or parent helper to lead ,but it is also easy to set up for  independent use.

Another fantastic learning tool for the teacher’s armory."

Mark Thomas, Woodland View Primary School, Northampton

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